What to Look For When Buying Used Pallet Rack in Michigan

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If you keep these four ideas in mind while shopping for used pallet rack in Michigan, you're likely going to end up saving quite a bit of money without risking the integrity of your current system or the safety of your employees.

6 Signs The Used Pallet Rack You Just Bought is Garbage

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Some people won't care what their used pallet rack looks like. Others want something akin to new rack without the price. But, everyone wants to add safe, reliable storage. So, even if you don't mind a bit of rust or a bad paint job keep these signs in mind to ensure you don't spend a lot of money only to have your system collapse because you were sold garbage that should have been thrown away.

7 Key Components of a Basic Pallet Rack System

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There are seven key components to a basic pallet rack system. 
  1. Uprights
  2. Beams
  3. Wire decking (or pallet supports)
  4. Row spacers
  5. Concrete anchors
  6. Post protectors
  7. Rack back

We dive in to the purpose of each and how to use them in order to build a basic pallet rack system for your new warehouse.

3 Things to Consider When Purchasing Pallet Rack Wire Decking

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When shopping for wire decking there are a few key points you should check on your quote prior to purchasing. It might very well be you are otherwise getting material that won't do the job properly or you could have saved some money by buying wire decking with a lower capacity or cheaper coating. 

What Type of Wire Decking is Right for My Pallet Rack?

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In the end, you need two key measurements in order to determine the width and depth of your wire decking. The first measurement is the width of your pallet rack beams. The second is the depth of your pallet rack uprights. These will quickly point you to the proper wire decking you need to finish your pallet rack system.

Wire Decking vs. Pallet Supports: What's Best?

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The best choice between wire decking and pallet support bars tends to come down to preference and price. In this blog we discuss the various pros and cons of each style of support.