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Bursting at the seams and not sure how to handle all that product? Our warehouse assessment builds on the back of our free virtual consultations.

Our warehouse design services can help you get the most out of your space — whether it's a simple, 2D CAD drawing or a more complex problem such as inventory flow and pinch points. Whatever your obstacles are, our warehouse design strategies can tackle them.

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What Professional Warehouse Design Can Do For You


We see a lot of warehouse designs. We can therefore help take the best practices from various industries and apply them to your facility.”


Travel time is three times more important to cost than search and selection. It’s important to optimize how material flows through your warehouse or distribution center.  Learn more in our Warehouse Design EssentialseBook.


A properly designed warehouse could reduce the cost of your storage system by 16% to 31%.


Utilizing the right pallet rack system can reduce the amount of space needed for storage by up to 75%. The Right Rack System can also ensure you have the maximum warehouse density.

How Do Warehouse Design Services Differ from a Free Consultation?

Free Consultation

  • Virtual discussion of your current layout
  • Collect data needed to provide an estimate
  • Analyze layout and provide recommendations
  • Calculate the number of runs, bays and pallet positions required
  • 2D AutoCAD layout based on a building layout you provide

Warehouse Design Services

  • Full 2D AutoCAD building and layout drawing*
  • Rack and/or shelving componentry count
  • Analysis of pallet load weights, material flow, pinch points or other "stuck" points
  • Collaboration, revisions and multiple warehouse design layouts
  • From $100/hr + travel expenses
*A typical AutoCAD drawing would include: walls, columns, trusses, overhead doors, man doors, equipment and inventory storage. It would not include electrical, plumbing, HVAC or office and bathroom spaces.

Our Promise to You

Warehouse design as a free option

We understand that developing an effective warehouse layout can be difficult and time-consuming. We don't want the cost of the analysis to impede your ability to complete the project. So, here's our promise to you:
If you utilize ASL's installation services and/or purchase the material needed to execute the project within six months of completing the consultation, the consulting fee will be fully credited towards the material/installation purchase.


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