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Can Pallet Rack Installers Help Your Project?

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You're Tight on Labor
In today's labor market, many organizations are having difficulty finding additional labor needed to execute a large project.
You Want the Project Done Right
Did you know you can install a pallet rack backwards? The bracing within pallet racks is designed to absorb the force of minor impacts — incorrect installation increases the likelihood of system collapses after a minor forklift collision.
Firm Deadline
Not all projects are created the same. A bay of 10' pallet rack might not require professional warehouse racking installation, but sometimes your project just has to get done on time. In the latter case, it's helpful to have a team experienced in project management.

Watch Our Team of Pallet Rack Installers In Action

We understand that implementing a warehouse design layout can be difficult and time-consuming. But, it doesn't have to be that way — our team of professional warehouse shelving installers can set up your pallet racking system in no time.

What Industrial Shelving Installers Can Do For You


Wavy aisles are harder for a forklift operator to navigate. This increases the likelihood of expensive collisions down the road.


We'll focus on your project while you focus on serving your customers. 


A professional is going to be 30% to 40% faster than an inexperienced team. Hiring a team of professional pallet rack installers ensures your up and running as soon as possible.


In many cases the time saved by having a professional team install your pallet rack pays for the service by itself.

Professional Installation vs Do-It-Yourself


  • Cheaper to install
  • Best for short runs that don't need to be straight and plum
  • Requires specialized tools to anchor footplates

Professional Installation

  • Factory trained
  • Project management assistance
  • Warehouse design assistance available
  • Quickly get complex projects completed
  • Flexibility with an integrated fabrication team and inventory
Our pallet racking installers are integral to completing projects, so we take pride in the fact that they average over five years of employment with American Storage and Logistics. Each employee is pre-screened for drugs and have undergone a criminal background check. Each pallet racking installer is also a certified forklift driver and our team leaders are all certified welders.

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