Freightlift Vertical Material Lifts

Freight Lifts, also known as vertical reciprocating conveyors, are the solution for transferring high-capacity freight between mezzanine levels. Freight Lifts provide a safe, economical, and reliable solution for your vertical lifting challenges all within a small footprint per your specifications. All of our freight lifts meet or exceed the requirements of ASME B20.1 (Safety Requirements for Conveyors and Related Equipment).

Freight Lift Brands

Freight-Lifts Product Lines

Autoquip Freight Lift

Package Lift VRC

Freight Lite VRC

Hydraulic Cantilever Lift

Mechanical 4 Post VRC

Interested in Freight-Lifts?

While we don't stock freight-lifts, we can work with our vendor partners to specify the exact right fit for you and have it delivered right to your door. Interested? Please fill out the form below and one of our team members will be in contact with you in the next 24 hours!