Forklift Maintenance & Repair

Forklift Maintenance Plans and Locations

Our Planned Maintenance Agreements take all the hassle out of ensuring your forklifts are being maintained according to your standards. Avoid costly breakdowns, time-consuming forklift repair, and lost productivity by allowing us to manage your ongoing fleet maintenance and forklift repairs. Our maintenance agreements provide service to any brand. This leaves you to do what you do best and lets us do what we do best… servicing your warehouse equipment.

BMH has locations in:

Milford, NH

Dowagiac, MI

Lansing, IL

Chicago, IL

Our service areas include:

New Hampshire

Eastern Massachussetts

Rhode Island

Eastern Illinois

  • Planned Maintenance eliminates need to track maintenance service.
  • Worry-free operation of equipment.
  • Increased machine life. Maintenance history proves that customers who do not perform scheduled maintenance have more frequent problems, require, for example more frequent pump repairs and engine rebuild work.
  • Lower cost repairs. Repairs are done on a “fix-before-fail” basis minimizing cost and residual damage.
  • Dealer special planned maintenance relationship gives you special attention and care for all your needs.
  • Assures you that service will be performed correctly, systematically and on a timely basis. No concern that the operator is too busy to do it.
  • Allows for pre-planning. Customer schedules maintenance when there is no demand for the use of the equipment.
  • Ensures that all replacement parts, fluids and lubricants meet OEM quality specifications to prolong machine life.

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