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Looking for pallet racking in Grand Rapids, MI? BMH has been one of the top suppliers of pallet rack in the Grand Rapids area for over 50 years. Our entire inventory is available online for next business day shipping. We can also help with any custom orders. Call us at 866.323.8310 to speak with a sales specialist. We specialize in warehouse design, installation, and teardown and relocation services.

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Does your warehouse, distribution center, or other industrial facility require pallet racking in Grand Rapids, MI?

At BMH, we’re a top supplier of pallet racks in the Grand Rapids, MI, area and have been for over half a century. Our vast inventory is available online in its entirety, and we offer convenient next-business-day shipping.

Furthermore, we won’t hesitate to assist with any order customizations.

Dial 866-678-0326 if you have any questions–one of our sales specialists will be thrilled to answer any inquiries. Our specialized services include warehouse racking installation, design, and teardown/relocation.


Do You Need Pallet Racking In Grand Rapids, MI? Look No Further Than BMH.

Those seeking top-tier pallet racks in Grand Rapids, MI (and surrounding areas) will find everything they need at BMH. We’re an industry leader in the industrial storage sector, offering customized solutions formulated to meet your needs and exceed your expectations.

BMH offers our customers the three following promises:

      Enhanced efficiency.

      Streamlined operations.

      Optimized storage space.

We can provide the above advantages due to our vast experience, unparalleled attention to detail, and unwavering commitment to excellence.

Our team grasps and embraces the uniqueness of every client’s business. We relish the opportunity to match your requirements with tailored pallet racking in Grand Rapids, MI.

The objectives are straightforward at BMH, whether you operate a distribution center, thriving warehouse, or another industrial facility. We apply our high-level know-how to maximize your storage capacity and ensure seamless inventory access by implementing expertly designed and installed racking systems.


What Sets BMH Apart When Choosing Pallet Racking In Grand Rapids, MI.

Below is a list of differentiating factors that make BMH your go-to source for pallet racks in Grand Rapids, MI: 

      Unparalleled Quality: Our customers can rely on us to provide highly durable products that stand the test of time. We bolster our pallet racking systems by sourcing only the highest quality materials due to our unflappable commitment to excellence. Thus, our pallets will maintain their structural integrity while withstanding heavy loads.

      Unrivaled Expertise: Our well-versed team has years of industry experience fine-tuning their expertise and developing in-depth pallet rack system knowledge. Staying informed on the latest tech and trends, our specialists can provide state-of-the-art solutions that keep you ahead of competitors.

      Customizable Solutions: Storage requirements always have unique nuances and specificities, so we provide many customizable options. We’ll tailor our solutions to fit your needs, from various configurations to rack depths and heights.

      Prioritizing Safety: All industrial environments must put safety first. BMH’s pallet racking systems ensure your employees’ (and inventory’s) protection by adhering to the most rigorous safety standards.

      Excellent Customer Service: A primary goal at BMH is cultivating longstanding client relationships. Our passionate team is committed to providing top-tier assistance during your dealings with us. This dedication to customer satisfaction begins with your initial consultation and continues throughout the design and installation processes.

Inefficient storage practices can stifle your business’s progress. Fortunately, BMH can eliminate these problems–and help maximize your strengths–by equipping your warehouse, distribution center, or other industrial facility with our state-of-the-art pallet racks in Grand Rapids, MI.

Schedule a consultation by calling us at 866-678-0326 or visiting Together, we’ll optimize your storage space!

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