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Increase Your Warehouse’s Order Picking Efficiency with an Order Picker from BMH


Order picker forklifts, also referred to as stock pickers, order selectors, or warehouse selectors, are a type of electric powered forklift that work great for small or light weight loads. As opposed to larger forklifts, compact order pickers can easily fit through narrow aisles and under lower door headers. They’re also easier to maneuver and operate in smaller warehouses. Order pickers allow operators to pick single packages from shelves or racking, and can also be used for stacking and transferring loads. Another use for order pickers is in warehouse maintenance such as changing out lightbulbs and painting.


Heli OPSM Light-Duty Order Pickers


Heli OPSM light-duty order pickers are one of the highest quality order picker forklifts on the market. These compact trucks can fit through a 39” aisle and can turn within a 79” passageway. They are also designed to pass through low doors and can be used in retail, warehouses, libraries, and other narrow spaces.


Other features include:


  • Electric lifting and travelling

  • Front tray can adjust height freely

  • Safety features stop the truck when operator extends hands/feet out of the vehicle

  • Independent fingertip control system

  • Back up alarm

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               Heli Light Duty Order Picker



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