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Our purchasing team is committed to ensuring that we can offer our valued customers like you the parts you need for a broad range of forklifts in Aurora, IL. We take pride in offering you the best parts to keep your forklift fully functional, so you can stay on schedule in meeting your customers’ needs.

Does Your Aurora Forklift Need New Parts, Maintenance, and Repairs?

If your forklift tech team needs the right parts to restore your forklift to good running health, we have the parts you need.


Forklift Parts in Aurora, IL — What BMH Offers

Forklift Forks

BMH stocks a variety of brands, lengths, and styles to accommodate different types of forklifts and loads.

Forklift Tires

We understand that different forklifts have different types of tires, so we ensure we can provide what you need. A few tires we stock include solid rubber, pneumatic or air-filled, and polyurethane. Our sales representatives can help by determining the type of forklift, application, and environment.

Forklift Filters

Different forklifts use different filters, such as oil, air, and fuel filters, to keep your Aurora forklift engine and other components clean and operating efficiently and effectively.

Forklift Seats

You want your workers to stay comfortable when working long shifts, so you want high-quality, comfortable seats. We offer a range of ergonomic seats that keep your forklift operators safe and comfortable during long hours of operation.

Forklift Batteries

Electric forklifts are powered by batteries, which need to be regularly changed and maintained to ensure proper function. Check out our forklift battery selection.

Forklift Lights

If you have dimly lit areas in your warehouse or dock, we have all the proper lighting available to keep your workers and property safe. We have a large supply of headlights and tail lights to ensure quick replacement.

Forklift Hydraulics

Forklift hydraulics in Aurora are vital for lifting and lowering loads. Check out our hydraulics products you need, such as cylinders, hoses, and pumps.

Forklift Chains

Forklift chains support the lifting mechanism in your forklifts, and you need to regularly inspect and replace them. We have you covered with a range of chains for different forklifts and lifting systems.

Forklift Brakes

Forklift brakes are vital to worker and warehouse safety. Help your forklift operators stay safe while protecting other workers and the environment. We offer brake pads and other brake-related components.

Forklift Attachments

Forklifts perform different tasks, which require different components, such as clamps, side shifters, and rotators. Check out our selection.

Additional Aurora, IL Forklift Parts BMH Supplies

We also offer our valued customers forklift ignition parts, forklift steering components, forklift belts, forklift engine components, and forklift gauges and instruments.

Shop for High-Quality Forklift Parts in Aurora, IL

Shop for High-Quality Forklift Parts in Aurora, IL

As an authorized dealer of new and used forklift parts, we have what you need to keep your forklifts in Aurora, IL fully operational at all times.


With BMH Equipment LLC (BMH), you can count on us to provide you with the parts you need when you need them.

BMH in Aurora, IL Provides Forklift Parts You Can Count On!

BMH in Aurora, IL Provides Forklift Parts You Can Count On!

We are here for you when you need forklift parts in Aurora, IL!

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