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As an authorized dealer of Heli forklifts for sale in South Bend, IN, BMH delivers on selling equipment that is worth the investment. Because Heli is known for its durability and innovative designs, buyers benefit from long-lasting forklift trucks that hold their value.

As a leading forklift brand, there are some standout features that make Heli so respected.

  •   Heli only installs engines from top manufacturers. After all, the engine is like the heart of the machine. You need the best version to ensure the life of the forklift is extended. 
  •   Heli uses advanced technology to give forklift operators a more efficient experience. The regenerative brakes developed by Heli are known for extending operating time.
  •   Heli has an unbeatable warranty that is handled right in the US. So, if an issue does arrive, there’s swift action to get your concerns resolved quickly with limited interruptions to operations.

With a rich history of creating best-in-the-industry equipment, Heli offers over 1,700 forklift models to meet every customer’s niche need. No matter the weather, load size, or operating purpose, Heli has you covered. So, turn to BMH to find the Heli forklift that suits your business best. 

An extensive list of Heli forklifts is available to you locally in South Bend, IN.

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Top Forklift Dealer in South Bend, IN

Top Forklift Dealer in South Bend, IN

BMH is one of the fastest-growing material handling companies in the industry. And it’s the preferred forklift dealer in South Bend, IN. With premier equipment that meets top-quality safety standards, customers know they are always getting the best products on the market from BMH.  So, it’s no wonder more customers continue to look to BMH to purchase new and used forklift trucks.

If your business has other material handling needs, BMH also has a robust selection of pallet racks, shelving, conveyors, and mezzanines. So, consider BMH your one-stop-shop for all material handling equipment.

When you’re ready to purchase a forklift, look no further than BMH – your preferred forklift dealer in South Bend, IN.

What to Pay Attention to When Buying a Used Forklift in South Bend, IN

What to Pay Attention to When Buying a Used Forklift in South Bend, IN

If you’re starting a new business or you’re using a forklift on a part-time basis, you may decide to begin with an investment in a used model. For a used forklift in South Bend, IN, look no further than BMH. A used model can be a fraction of the cost and still uphold the essential quality standards in the industry.

When selecting a used model, here’s what to look for:

  • · Check the safety features
  • · Verify the odometer reading
  • · See if the mast operates smoothly
  • · Look at the quality of the engine and tires
  • · Ensure there are no gaps in the lift chain
  • ·Check for leaks
  • ·Verify there is no damage to the forks

As a reputable used forklift merchandiser, BMH is certified to bring you high-quality forklift trucks to meet all your needs.

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