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Available Forklifts for Rent in Aurora, IL

Manufacturing plants, factories, warehouses, and several other buildings need to move big objects on a regular basis. That’s a task that the workers can’t really do by hand, so it creates a need for a forklift. A forklift is great to have around, but the cost of buying one might not be something you can cover right now. With our forklift rental Aurora, IL, service, you can equip your workplace without breaking the bank. 

If you’re looking to rent a forklift in Aurora, IL, then you’ve come to the right place. At BMH, we are experts in the field of getting things done in warehouses, factories, and manufacturing plants. We have been supplying companies with materials for many years and give you access to a large selection of forklifts, as well as other equipment.

Whether you’re looking at a forklift for rent in Aurora, IL, or want to buy, our experts can work closely with you to find the right fit for your workplace.

We’ve got a page dedicated to our inventory of forklifts, so be sure to head over there to see what is available right now. With both new and used forklifts available, we make it easier for businesses to get their hands on equipment they can afford. Our inventory also has forklifts from different brands, including Heli, Baoli, and Linde - giving you more freedom to choose a brand that you trust.

Heli Forklifts for Rent in Aurora, IL

Heli Forklifts for Rent in Aurora, IL

Heli has become a recognized brand for lift equipment, including forklifts. At BMH, we stock a variety of Heli forklifts, such as the Heli CPD25-GA2CLI and the more lightweight choice, the Heli OPSM.

Heli Forklifts can offer your facility many benefits, thanks to their durable designs. Some of the benefits that this brand of forklifts can bring to the workplace include:

      The responsive system allows workers to move materials quickly. Depending on the model, the excellent reach allows materials to be moved to and from high locations.

      The arc shapes of Heli forklifts also do a great job of ensuring the operator of the equipment has perfect visibility. That’s an important safety feature that helps to reduce the risk of injury in the workplace.

      With the use of batteries, there’s no need to worry about power cords cluttering up the area.

      Adjustable seating areas on some of the Heli forklifts also create an opportunity to enhance comfort for operators who need to use the equipment.

When it comes to forklift rental Aurora, IL, we can help you explore different options, including some of the best Heli models.

Trust BMH As Your Reliable Partner

Trust BMH As Your Reliable Partner

Let’s face it; you might not have a need to buy a forklift outright. Perhaps you simply need one on a temporary basis or want to take advantage of the flexibility that comes with forklift rental Aurora, IL. At BMH, we have experts in the industry that can provide sound advice and help you get a rental forklift with fast delivery and excellent reliability. Reach out to learn more about our rental services and to check out our inventory.

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