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At BMH, we appreciate the significance of a proficiently operating forklift fleet for your material handling operations. With BMH as your reliable partner in Aurora, you can depend on us to deliver outstanding forklift repair and maintenance services. It's our mission to ensure your equipment always functions at its optimal level, reducing downtime and enhancing productivity. As leaders in the forklift repair in Aurora IL, we make your needs and satisfaction our first and foremost priority.

Skillful Forklift Servicing Aurora IL: Expert Technicians at Your Disposal

In our quest to provide industry-leading forklift servicing in Aurora, IL, we've amassed an impressive team of factory-trained technicians who are the best in their fields. These professionals are dedicated to swiftly and efficiently getting your forklifts back to their prime operating conditions. We understand that in the world of material handling, time is money, hence we take every step necessary to quickly detect and rectify technical glitches with your forklifts.

What Makes BMH Stand Out for Your Forklift Service Needs

We believe in providing more than just superior service. We aim to make BMH your premier choice for forklift repair Aurora IL by offering added value benefits that elevate us from the competition, as seen in the following:

  • 24/7 Emergency Service: Our commitment to service operates around the clock, ensuring your forklift fleet remains in action and productive at any time of the day or night.
  • Prearranged Maintenance Agreements: Our proactive maintenance services revolve around prearranged agreements that eliminate the burden of managing forklift maintenance schedules. We handle all your forklift fleet's service requirements while you concentrate on your core business operations.
  • Simple and Comprehensive Maintenance Agreements: Our comprehensive maintenance agreements make budget planning easier, providing a predetermined fixed monthly cost for your lift equipment upkeep needs.

Experience BMH's Unique Approach to Forklift Service

Experience BMH's Unique Approach to Forklift Service

We're committed to raising the bar in forklift service quality. The BMH difference manifests itself in our innovative service practices, such as:

  • Dedicated Technician: Your fleet is in expert hands with a Primary Assigned Technician who is familiar with your specific forklift models, streamlining the process of problem identification and boosting productivity rates.
  • Immediate Technician Communication: We eliminate potential communication delays by enabling direct interaction with your assigned technician. Our goal is attending to emergency repairs in less than four hours.
  • Well-Stocked Service Vans: Our service vans are kept well-stocked with essential parts, ensuring your assigned technician has immediate access to replacements, thus reducing wait time and enhancing forklift fleet productivity.
  • Preventive Maintenance for Fewer Breakdowns: With our planned maintenance schedule tailored to your forklift brand’s recommendations, we help to reduce the risk of unexpected breakdowns significantly.

Maximize Productivity with Our Prearranged Maintenance Program

Maximize Productivity with Our Prearranged Maintenance Program

Pass the reins of routine maintenance over to BMH. Our prearranged maintenance program operates based on recorded forklift run hours, allowing us to execute timely inspections and performance optimizations. This program enables you to enjoy reduced fleet operational costs and improved uptime while we manage all maintenance activities.
Improve your operations and bottom line with BMH’s unrivaled forklift servicing in Aurora, IL. Let our team ensure your forklift fleet operates at peak performance with minimal operational disruptions. We stand by our promise of service excellence.
Ready to experience the BMH difference? Email us at or call us at 866-678-0326. Let’s redefine first-rate forklift maintenance and repair services in Aurora, IL together!

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