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BMH stands out as the go-to destination for forklift purchases in Mishawaka, IN, offering a comprehensive range of compelling reasons to choose us as your forklift dealer.


We pride ourselves on providing an extensive selection of top-quality forklifts. Whether you're seeking new or certified pre-owned models, our inventory includes a diverse range of makes and models to suit various needs and budgets.


Our knowledgeable and experienced team at BMH is committed to assisting customers in finding the perfect forklift to meet their specific requirements. We offer expert guidance throughout the selection process, ensuring you invest in the ideal forklift that aligns with your operational needs and budget constraints.


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Purchasing a forklift from BMH guarantees reliable performance. We meticulously inspect and maintain our forklifts to ensure they operate at peak efficiency. With our focus on quality assurance, you can trust that the forklift you purchase will deliver consistent and dependable performance.

At BMH, exceptional customer service is our hallmark. From the moment you step into our dealership, our team is dedicated to providing a seamless and satisfying experience. We prioritize customer satisfaction and strive to ensure a smooth purchasing process from start to finish.

With a reputation for reliability, quality, and customer-centric service, BMH has become a trusted name in forklift sales. Mishawaka residents and businesses can rely on BMH for their forklift needs, backed by a track record of satisfied customers.


For those in Mishawaka, IN, looking to invest in a forklift, BMH offers not just quality equipment but also expertise, reliability, and customer-focused service, ensuring you make a purchase that meets your needs and delivers value for years to come.



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BMH is one of the fastest-growing material handling companies in the industry. And it’s the preferred forklift dealer in Mishawaka, IN. With premier equipment that meets top-quality safety standards, customers know they are always getting the best products on the market from BMH.  

If your business has other material handling needs, BMH also has a robust selection of pallet racks, shelving, conveyors, and mezzanines. So, consider BMH your one-stop-shop for all material handling equipment.

When you’re ready to purchase a forklift, look no further than BMH – your preferred forklift dealer in Mishawaka, IN.




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