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BMH stands as the premier material handling supplier and forklift dealer in Bristol, IN, offering a myriad of reasons to choose us as your trusted partner for all forklift needs.


BMH isn't just a forklift dealer; we are a material handling supplier offering a wide array of solutions. Whether you need forklifts, pallet jacks, warehouse equipment, or accessories, BMH provides a comprehensive range of material handling solutions to cater to diverse operational requirements.

We have a diverse inventory of forklifts from reputable brands including Heli and Taylor Dunn.. Our selection includes a wide range of forklift types, capacities, and functionalities, ensuring Bristol residents and businesses can find the perfect forklift that precisely meets their specific needs.


Our knowledgeable team at BMH provides expert consultation and guidance throughout the purchasing process. With years of experience in the material handling industry, we offer insights and recommendations to assist customers in selecting the right forklift for their operational requirements.


BMH prioritizes quality and reliability in every product we offer, including our forklifts. Our inventory consists of well-maintained, high-quality forklifts that undergo rigorous inspections to ensure optimal performance and reliability, providing customers with equipment they can trust.


With a reputation built on reliability, quality products, and customer-focused service, BMH has become a trusted name in material handling and forklift sales. Bristol residents and businesses can rely on BMH for their material handling needs with confidence.


For Bristol residents and businesses seeking a comprehensive material handling supplier and a trusted forklift dealer, BMH offers expertise, reliability, and a diverse range of solutions to cater to their needs effectively and efficiently.


Bristol, Indiana’s Top Forklift Dealer

BMH is one of the fastest-growing material handling companies in the industry. And it’s the preferred forklift dealer in Bristol, IN. With premier equipment that meets top-quality safety standards, customers know they are always getting the best products on the market from BMH.  

If your business has other material handling needs, BMH also has a robust selection of pallet racks, shelving, conveyors, and mezzanines. So, consider BMH your one-stop-shop for all material handling equipment.

When you’re ready to purchase a forklift, look no further than BMH – your preferred forklift dealer in Bristol

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