Get Top Cantilever Rack Systems in the Kalamazoo Area

If you are shopping for cantilever racks in Kalamazoo, MI, we have you covered. We work with warehouses of all sizes to provide innovative storage solutions.

Quality Industrial Shelving Solutions

We carry only the top brands, so know you are getting the safety and durability you deserve in your warehouse storage. Our cantilever storage racks are perfect for storing long boxes that contain materials such as pips and wooden boards. Their open front makes it easy for your forklifts to slide boxes right into place on the shelves. Their durable arms can support tons of weight. If you are searching for cantilever racks for sale “near me,” we are here to help.

 We are committed to providing the best service to all of our Kalamazoo customers. We offer an easy, no hassle return process, same day pickup, next day delivery, and trained sales professionals who are passionate about the cantilever rack systems we sell.

How It Works

Step 1 :Shop Our Storage Solution

Browse online catalog of cantilever rack or give us a call to find the right cantilever rack system for your storage facility. We sell both new and used cantilever rack starter bays and adder bays.

Step 2: Pick Up Your Cantilever Rack

We also offer next day delivery. This allows you to get extra storage quickly when you anticipate the need to hold onto increased inventory. 

Step 3: Install Your Cantilever Rack

Assemble your cantilever rack so you can get the storage you need instantly. Need help setting your cantilever racking up? Learn more about our installation services.

Why Choose American Storage & Logistics?

We are your local warehouse storage experts. We have been serving Kalamazoo for more than 50 years and specialize in bringing the best storage solutions to all of our clients.

Ready to Get Your Cantilever Rack System?

If you are searching for cantilever racks for sale “near me,” check out our inventory. We look forward to providing the best shelving for your warehouse or storage facility.

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