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What are wire mesh cages?

what are wire mesh cges

Wire mesh cages, also called wire mesh partitions or wire mesh security cages, are enclosures that are specifically designed for securing or protecting your products or items from unauthorized access. Wire mesh cages are ideal for facilities that require the safekeeping of machinery or product while also allowing for visibility of the secured items. The woven mesh construction of wire mesh cages also allows for the free circulation of air and allows you to maintain protection against catastrophic incidents like fires as the top of the security cages are still open to fire suppression systems.

How are wire mesh cages constructed?

At American Storage & Logistics, we carry wire mesh security cages manufactured by FordLogan. The panels of our wire mesh cages are 10-gauge UNI-MESH 1 ½” diamond pattern triple crimped steel wire mesh that is securely attached to horizontal and vertical frames. The UNI-MESH woven wire design allows for the circulation of air, light, and heat within the security cage.

wire mesh cages construction

TWe he vertical frame members are 1 ¼” x ⅝” and the horizontal frame members are 1” x ½” in size which are interlocked at the corners with mortise and tenon joints then punched with slotted holes for easy installation in your warehouse. For additional rigidity, 1 ½” x ½” roll-formed top capping channels are bolted on the horizontal frames.

Below the panels, a 3.7” sweep space exists to allow for easy housekeeping. If your warehouse requires higher security, a cold, rolled metal sweep guard can be added to your security cage configuration.

wire mesh cages closeup

Entryways for a typical wire mesh cage system that we stock here at American Storage and Logistics are available as hinged or sliding doors. Hinged door configurations are designed to be interchangeable for left-or-right/in-or-out slide directions, and sliding doors are equipped with four-wheel ball-bearing trolleys, enclosed track, door guides, and lock keepers. Doors can be mounted inside or outside the partition. All doors include a cylinder lock which is operated by a key on the outside and a recessed knob on the inside.

sliding vs hinged door on wire mesh cages

Our wire mesh partition systems are anchored to the floor using die-cast aluminum base shoes using two ¼” diameter anchors for added security.

Ways To Secure Your Items Using Wire Mesh Cages

Securing items in warehousing & manufacturing applications

mezzanine wire mesh cages

Wire mesh cages are commonly used in many warehouse applications such as mezzanine enclosures, securing parts inventory, and providing limited access to unauthorized personnel with the use of driver access cages. Wire mesh cages can also be used in manufacturing settings to protect operation-critical equipment, including machinery and robotics.

Securing equipment in server and data centers

networking server wire mesh security cages

Our FordLogan wire mesh cages can be used to secure networking equipment in colocation and data centers to protect your critical hardware and server equipment from unauthorized access.

Securing items for government and municipality uses

 police dea security cages

Wire mesh partitions are commonly used in police, fire, school, TSA, and other government and municipality applications. Regardless if you’re storing sensitive records or need a solution for an evidence room, FordLogan systems are the most reliable security cage solution on the market.

Protection in limitless applications

wire mesh cages storage

In addition to protecting items in government, manufacturing, and technological industries, wire mesh cages are a great solution for securing other types of important items like HVAC units, or usage in residential tenant storage.

Where to buy wire mesh cages in Michigan

Here at American Storage & Logstics, we have wire mesh security cages in stock and ready for same-day pickup or next-day delivery to the Battle Creek, Grand Rapids, Lansing, and Kalamazoo areas. Whether you’re looking for 2-sided, 3-sided, or 4-sided wire mesh cages with hinged doors or sliding doors, we’ve got inventory ready for you. Click here to view our full inventory of wire mesh cages or give us a call at 616-246-8700 if you have any questions about installation, engineering, or permitting services.