You might have noticed that we have three different product conditions listed on our website. We realize there is a wide range of buyers for material handling equipment, so we wanted to provide a wide range of conditions. Our three categories (in order of quality) are: used, reNew and new.

What is Used Pallet Rack?

Pallet rack in our used category is all structurally sound, but it may not be aesthetically pleasing. For example: there may be stickers on the beams, or a bit of noticeable rust on the teardrop holes in the pallet rack uprights. With used equipment, we don't repaint anything. We simply inspect it, fix anything that is damaged and then list if for sale. 

If you don't really care what your equipment looks like, this is going to be your best deal. Since we didn't to do much to the material, it has the lowest average price of the three categories. 

Used pallet rack is a great option for industrial applications where things are going to get dirty and beaten-up anyways. It also works great for back-of-the-house warehousing operations where the only people that will see the used material handling equipment are the warehouse operators or employees picking customer orders.

Here's what we think of when we list used pallet rack for sale:

Used pallet rack beam

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What is reNEW Pallet Rack

reNew is how we refurbish pallet rack. We named our process reNew because it implies we've given the used equipment a new life, a second chance of sorts. The reNew process includes about 5 separate steps. Each step ensures you get a product that looks new, even if it's been around for a while.

The process is unique to each product category. In this article, I'm going to talk about the way we reNew pallet rack. Pallet rack was the first line we launched under the reNew title.

Steps 1 and 2 (Receive & Sort): When we receive a batch of used pallet rack, we sort out all the used pallet rack beams, uprights and accessories by condition. Those that are 'good enough' we'll sell as used material since it wouldn't add much value to move them through the reNew process. After we've sorted the used rack by condition, we dig in to the details - is it teardrop or New Style rack, does it need new safety clips, etc. to make sure we are representing the material as accurately as possible.

Step 3 (Fix): Sometimes the used rack we receive is damaged. This is where the expertise of our team comes in handy. If an upright has a damaged leg, we'll cut the upright above the damage and fabricate it in to a smaller size.

Maybe the upright was missing bracing. In that case, we're able to weld or bolt new bracing in place. So, rather than throwing out the used rack, we're able to give the material a new life.

For us, the details matter so we even include new safety clips on reNEW pallet rack beams where we can. 

There are a few exceptions to what we will and won't fix. We won't 'fix' a beam that has structural damage. That could be a large dent or hole in the face of the beam or a failing weld around the connector. 

Step 4 (Paint): After we've inspected and fixed any damage, the used pallet rack gets a new paint job. During this step we remove the existing coat of paint to ensure the new coat has a nice, bare metal face to attach to. Then, we apply a new coat of powdercoat paint.

Just like a new beam, our reNew pallet rack beams have a high-quality, low gloss powdercoat finish that won't chip or rub off. Some other used pallet rack dealers will use liquid/wet paint or even spray paint. We think that looks cheap and it tends to flake off showing the original paint coat underneath. So, your nice looking pallet rack quickly looks cheap and tacky.

After all that, our reNEW pallet rack looks nearly brand new:

ReNew Pallet Rack Beam

Step 5 (Package): After the rack has been painted, it gets packaged and ready for sale. Once packaged, it's pretty hard to tell the difference between new pallet rack and our reNew pallet rack. 

We try to make it easy on the website to see the difference between used pallet rack and reNEW pallet rack by allowing you to search by condition to find all our products that have gone through the reNEW process.

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