What To Look For When Buying Used Warehouse Equipment

There’s a lot of equipment that can go into a warehouse. Depending on your budget and other considerations, it might make sense to buy used equipment. Here are some guidelines on what to look for when purchasing used warehouse equipment. 

General guidelines for buying used warehouse equipment

Purchasing used warehouse equipment can save you money but can also lead to major problems if you ultimately buy defective equipment. To avoid that, pay attention to some of these general guidelines.

It’s always good to review the exterior to see if the equipment is in good shape. Check the paint color and whether it has any visible rust. If the paint is faded or has rust, you probably want to pass on that particular item.

Also, be careful of equipment that was stored outside. Outdoor elements can cause rust, cracks and other problems that will hinder the performance of our purchase. Sometimes water can seep in cracks that you don’t see, so even if it looks fine from the outside, it could still be compromised.

If the equipment has hydraulics, make sure they have been checked, too. 

It’s better to find equipment that’s already been refurbished by your seller. You should always look for a warranty too. Our used equipment comes with a 90-day guarantee, for example. If something happens, our customers are not stuck with a defective product. Another sign that your vendor stands behind their used product is whether they offer a return policy. It shouldn’t cost you money to return an item if you don’t need it.

Each piece of equipment has important things to look for, as well. 

Buying used flammable cabinets

Do you have store flammable or dangerous liquids or other materials? Then you’re going to need flammable cabinets.

Make sure your flammable cabinet comes with keys. Sometimes used equipment might be missing a key, and if you can’t lock your cabinet, you’re putting your warehouse at risk.

Also check to make sure the doors are in working order. It would be hard to lock them if they don’t close properly!

Buying used rolling ladders

Rolling ladders make life easier in the warehouse but could also be a source of trouble if you don’t purchase a safe one. 

Make sure the lock mechanism on the steps is not damaged. If it is, your ladder is worthless because you can’t lock it in place.

Buying used hoppers

You’ll look for hoppers to handle all the scrap and other materials you need to discard. 

But before you buy one used, make sure you focus on these three areas. The safety chain should still be attached or the entire hopper might slide right off your forklift when you’re driving around. The locking hatch should also work, or you run the risk of dumping everything if it becomes unlocked. Finally, make sure the base is still attached. You can’t transport the hopper with your forklift if it isn’t attached to a base.

Buying used steel carts

Steel carts are the easiest piece of warehouse equipment to buy used. The only thing that’s going to break on them is the wheels. So check out the wheels before you buy. 

Buying used cantilever racks

Cantilever racks can help you store all types of things, including pipes and lumber. One simple question can help you decide whether to buy a particular rack: Do the arms and the base match?

Cantilever is particularly susceptible to dew and water rusting it from the inside out, so you’ll also want to know if it was stored inside or outside. 

Buying used pallet racks

There are many keys to finding used pallet racks that are in good shape. You can start by finding out if the rack was stored outside. Like cantilever rack, moisture can cause problems and rust the pallet rack from the inside out. 

You should also look for any visible damage. If you don’t see safety clips, you’ll want to add some when you make your purchase. 

You can find a more comprehensive article we wrote on what to look for when buying a used pallet rack here

Buying used pallet racks

When buying used pallet jacks, make sure the hydraulics work. Go ahead and test the lift to see if it goes up and down. The seller should guarantee the hydraulics will work for 2-3 months. 

Some other things to look for include checking out the wheels. Make sure they are in good condition. And inspect forks on the pallet jack because they can bend and crack if they were misused or are old. 

Buying used metal clip shelving

If you are looking at used metal clip shelving, make sure it comes with all the hardware. That hardware includes side bracing, back bracing and the clips that lock the shelves into the uprights. If you don’t have the clips, the shelves won’t sit in the uprights, and you’ll be stuck with a bunch of shelves that can’t hold anything. 

Are you looking for used equipment?

Hopefully, these tips can help you find used equipment that will serve your warehouse for years to come. Remember that every dealer should stand behind their products. We let people buy what they need and then return it if they don’t need it. We also guarantee our used products for 90 days. If you are looking for used warehouse equipment, please take a look at our full inventory. We also provide engineering, design, and consulting services for businesses. Reach out to us today, shop our catalog online, or give us a call at 866-323-8310!