Garage Storage Ideas: Maximizing Storage With Shelving & Racks

Garage Storage Ideas: Maximizing Storage With Shelving & Racks

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For a lot of people, the garage turns into a catch-all of items that don’t belong or fit in the house. It’s a convenient spot to leave something to be dealt with “later”. But later never comes, and over time the garage accumulates more and more stuff. If this sounds familiar, you are not alone. The main reason why garages become unorganized messes is because things don’t have designated locations. With a little bit of organizing and labeling, you too can maximize your garage storage space and have the clean and organized garage of your dreams… And can even park your car in it!

Getting Started

When planning out your garage storage, the best place to start is by cleaning your garage and getting rid of items that you no longer need. Getting rid of clutter will help maximize your storage space and create a blank space for you to work with.

Next, examine the items you will be storing. Do you have lots of tools that need to be organized in bins? Or do you have larger items like bikes and canoes that are taking up space? Once you have an idea of your inventory, it will be easier to figure out what kind of storage system you need.

Finally, measure your garage to see what size of shelving to get. Having shelving along the walls is a good way to keep everything out of the way. When measuring, make sure to consider the depth, width, and height restrictions. Also account for the space that will be taken up by parked cars, mowers, trash cans, etc. 

Shelving systems are a great option for garage organization as they are very versatile. There are different storage systems to pick from depending on your storage needs and space. Here are some of the most commonly used options:

Rivet Shelving

Rivet shelving is a great lower-cost option that comes in many different width, height, and depth options. They are suitable for medium to heavy loads. This type of shelving has teardrop holes on its uprights at regular intervals. Shelves are secured to the uprights by aligning the holes and sliding a pin in them. This installation is very quick, easy, and results in a durable unit. 

rivet shelving (garage storage)

Rivet shelving is one of the easiest options to assemble. It’s a versatile system that can be built piece by piece by combining your own components, or from a kit. This makes it easy to customize them to your needs.

To figure out which rivet shelving kit to order, first, take a look at your measurements. American Storage and Logistics carries many different size options for rivet shelving starter kits. Our heights options are 76”, 88”, and 121”. Take into account your garage’s ceiling height and any obstacles in the way. If you are thinking about adding more units down the road, consider where those will be placed. Next, you have depth options ranging from 12” to 30”. When selecting a depth option make sure that you’re leaving enough space for parked vehicles and other traffic in your garage. The width options are 36” and 48”. Keep in mind that both options have a 250 lbs shelf capacity, so if you’re going to use your rivet shelving for heavier items, you may want to go with the narrower width and add more units to achieve your desired shelving width. Once you have your starter bay in place, it’s easy to add more units by ordering the adder bays.

Wide Span Shelving

If you are looking to store larger items and have the space available, wide-span shelving is worth considering. Wide-span shelving is similar to rivet shelving in design and installation but features larger shelves and higher load capacity. The uprights of this shelving system come with pre-drilled keyhole slots that make it easy to install and adjust the shelves.

Wide-span shelving can create up to 8’ of storage space and can carry to up 2500 lbs. One of the other advantages of a wide-span shelving system is that these units allow for easy access from all sides as they have no back or side braces.

Wide-span shelving can be purchased in kits. American Storage and Logistics has wire deck and particleboard starter kits. There are also adder bay kits that you may add to your starter unit down the road if your storage needs increase. We carry wide-span shelving accessories to further customize your shelving units. There are wire-mesh and laminated shelving options, heavy-duty shelf supports and other reinforcements, and specialized storage options like hanging rods available. 

In a time crunch? Most of our wide-span shelving kits with wire deck shelves can ship UPS Ground to save you time and money!

Bin & Shelf Systems

Bin and shelving systems are great for storing smaller items. Every garage needs a spot for those loose screws, small tools, and such that tend to get lost easily. Bins make it easy to access these items while keeping them secure and dust-free.

Bins come in many sizes and shapes. When selecting the best system for you, consider the size of items that will be stored in them. 

Some Tips for Organizing Your Garage

  • Try to keep frequently used items close together. Having a well-thought-out plan for your storage will make it easier to put things back to their designated spot.

  • Keep things off the garage floor as much as you can. This will give you more space to park vehicles and also make it easier to access shelving.

  • Try to utilize open shelving instead of closed cabinets. It’s easy to throw things into a cabinet and close the door. Open shelving will force you to remain organized. You can always use clear bins with lids to keep things protected from dust.

  • If utilizing bins, do not put too many types of items in the same bin. Keep them very specific so you don’t have to dig through to get to what you need.

  • Consider using a label maker to label the designated area of each item. Labels are especially useful for opaque containers and bins.

  • When purchasing shelving units, keep your future needs in mind. If you are planning on adding more units in the future, you should consider buying the type of shelving that can be added onto.

  • Clean your garage out periodically, at least twice a year. Staying on top of cleaning will make it easier for it to remain organized.

  • Keep larger items like bikes and lawnmowers closer to the garage door. That way you can easily move them in and out of the garage.

Where To Buy Garage Storage Systems

American Storage and Logistics has been a leader in new, used, and refurbished storage systems for over 50 years. We have garage shelves and racks in stock, and ready to ship! If you are in the mid-Michigan area near Grand Rapids, Lansing, Kalamazoo, or Battle Creek, you can purchase your shelving products online and pick them up at our warehouse the same day, or get them delivered to your location as soon as tomorrow. Many of our products such as wide-span shelving are also available to ship nationwide via UPS. 

Need help with your order? We also provide design and consultation services. Just give us a call at 866-690-5392!

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